Our past projects and performance exhibit our ability to intelligently minimize both expenses and cost structures. Our engineering departments’ focus is on smooth, efficient and economical construction and operation of properties.

Technical Services (Complete operation and maintenance of facilities):

GreenPark’s vast experience in dealing with clients has given our team unique insight and perspective into issues and challenges regularly faced by businesses; helping us build a heritage of delivering technical maintenance services.
Our technical services team understands that operational excellence, productivity and safety are of paramount importance to our clients.
We employ leading edge technology to ensure high technical competence and provide tailor made solutions to meet all engineering related needs.

Other functions:

  • Negotiate contracts with suppliers, vendors and contractors
  • Collect all lien waivers and ensure 100% statutory compliance
  • Inhouse training facilities & process innovation

Technical Support

Energy Conservation
By staying on top of new and emerging trends in design, energy reduction, and maintenance, the team constantly devises innovative strategies to maintain and extend the life of your property. This would incorporate a proper preventive maintenance procedure and the implementation of energy saving measures.

Management System
Operate and maintain all engineering infrastructure, from HVAC systems, plumbing, power utilities, lifts, generators etc. We focus on optimizing energy consumption and maximizing uptime and liaison with regulatory bodies, to secure approval during required maintenance checks and renewal We also provide:
• Expert Evaluations
• Energy Audits

Organic Waste Management
Technology plays a huge part in global sustainability initiatives and GreenPark Hospitality Services can help deploy the right technology to meet your needs.

Project Services

This includes management of small capital projects:

  • Select MEP engineers for required design elements
  • Inspect contractor proposals for price, manpower availability, installation/construction schedule and track material delivery
  • Be responsible for daily management (schedules, quality control, cost control, payments) from start to completion of project.